Want to help?

Help CS for ALL WaShington

As a community, CS for All Washington is always looking for people who want to help. Here are some roles we've identified that are low effort, high value:

  • Moderate (<1 hour/week). Help moderate our (forthcoming) Slack channel. This just means regularly checking Slack, helping folks who seem lost, enforcing our code of conduct, identifying needs for new channels, and archiving ones that we don't need anymore. If you live on Slack or similar platforms like Discord, this might be a good role for you!

  • Curate (<1 hour/week). We receive a lot of information about events, programs, and activities and we need some help triaging it, deciding whether it belongs on the website, in the newsletter, or elsewhere.

  • Write (<1 hour/week). We aim to keep the newsletter short, so we need folks are are good at writing concise, punchy, compelling, and clear prose for a diverse audience. Most of this writing involves taking some raw resource that someone has shared and that we've curated and drafting it for the newsletter and/or the website.

Help in other ways

There are many things you can do:

  • Contact your school's principal or district's superintendent to see what they're doing to offer computing to all students. Find your district on the state list, find your administrators, then send them a link to the administrators page to provide them with more information.

  • Write your state senators and representatives, expressing support for every child learning about CS, not just those who happen to have it in their schools. Find your legislative district to find who represents you.

  • If you're interested in teaching, contact TEALS to volunteer in schools with trained teachers.

  • Make donations to school districts in our rural communities, which often have fewer resources for teaching, professional development, and educational technology for learning.

  • Volunteer at the many outreach groups in the state (e.g, Black Girls CODE, IGNITE).