Every student at every K-12 level in Washington state should learn about computing.

Across our state, few students have access to learning about computing, whether it's a lesson in a K-5 class, an elective in a middle school or high school, or an after school or summer camp about computing. But even fewer engage in these learning opportunities, meaning that the youth in our state who learn about computing are just the select few who have access, interest, and support. This not only means we have few youth in our state with interests and skills in computing, but too few women, youth of color, and youth from rural communities.

Washington state needs pathways for all youth from across the state to develop interest and confidence in computing skills, including understanding about how technology shapes society, learning how to data and algorithms can be used to solve problems in any domain, and learning how to use these ideas to create software for themselves, for their communities, and for their careers.

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