Educational Service Districts

Washington's ESDs play a central role in implementing high quality K-12 CS education for all Washington state youth.

How can I support schools and districts in supporting CS for All?

The national non-profit CS for All has trained many of the ESD facilitators in our state to offer school and district level trainings. (You can learn more about the training they received in summary of the training). See the workshop materials, or contact CS for All for additional details on SCRIPT training.

Is there funding to offer CS professional development?

Yes, see the OSPI grant website for details. Some grants have been given to ESDs, some directly to school districts.

Where can I connect with CS experts at other ESDs?

Andrew Hickman maintains a Facebook Workplace group.

Are there models for offering CS professional development?

There are many, including's professional development, Infosys's Pathfinders Summer Institute. An increasing number are being shared around the country. We expect this list to grow.